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          TTG Information Technology Services

What does a reliable, sustainable, and safe network with predictable costs look like?


Most small organizations start with consumer-grade equipment (routers, switches, Wi-Fi access points). Templeton Technology Group Information Technology Services supplies and maintains all these on a rental basis. All TTG-supplied equipment is enterprise-grade.


Templeton Technology Group IT Services oversees your internal and external network connections 24/7. We monitor your network, and often can identify potential problems before they become issues. If the situation warrants, we will remain on-site until resolution. In addition, we know that technology keeps getting better, so we will replace existing network equipment with the latest models at least every three years.


Protecting our customers' networks is crucial. With our IT Services, Templeton Technology Group is instantly aware of attempts to enter or attack networks we administer. Network safety is a partnership between TTG and our customers... we constantly protect and monitor, and our customers carefully observe safety requirements. Additionally, we can set up your system with highly secure remote logon capabilities so employees can work from home or while traveling. And, if your organization has multiple locations, we can configure your network to appear seamless.

Predictable Cost:

Because we supply enterprise-grade network equipment only on a rental basis, our IT Services customers have no expense in maintaining equipment, tracking and managing warranties, replacing old or faulty equipment or paying a tech to resolve network issues. We rent and manage your network equipment on a month-to-month basis, or with one, two, or three-year agreements at a fixed cost.

And More...

* Do you have people who work from home or elsewhere, and if so, would you like them to be able
  to seemlessly login to your network securely?

* Do you have multiple locations, and if so, would you like to have a single network encompassing
  all locations?

* Does your organization need to comply with HIPAA?

* Do you have a server in your network? Would you like to simplify your network by removing your   server and still retain data stores and Active Directory management of users and resources?

Not a problem. Templeton Technology can configure and manage these too, always at a fixed monthly cost.

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